Vkusnitsa! Piwnica! Druzhnitsa!


Kozlovica is a special place. Where you can socialize with each other, alone or in friendly company

The restaurants Kozlovica can spend a family holiday, a corporate party or an informal meeting with business partners. We can try a variety of dishes of modern and traditional Czech cuisine, which are specially selected for dark and light beer Velkopopovicky Kozel

We offer a plunge into the atmosphere of the real Czech pubs in Moscow and learn the beer culture which pride on motherland beer Kozel in the small village of Velke Popovice is situated near Prague.

Kozlovica is a calm restaurant with friendly atmosphere, reasonable prices and great choice of beer snacks and dishes, proper filing of draft Czech beer.

OF COURSE, Kozlovica!

Lovers of real Czech beer are know where you can taste it, without going far beyond the capital. The doors of restaurants Kozlovica in Moscow open our for dear guests.

«Wooden» interior with arches, underceiling shelves, benches and tables made in the old-European style, cozy and friendly atmosphere. The main highlight of our beer gardens is the filing of one of the most famous and revered of draft beer in the Czech Republic — Velkopopovicky Kozel.

Not many people know that Velkopopovicky Kozel served chilled to + 10 — 12 ° C. Residents of villages, which became his home, rightly believe that only at that temperature beer reveals all its unusual taste and aroma.

Restaurant Kozlovica will allow you to enjoy the good taste of draft beer «Velkopopovitsky Kozel» — dark and light. You can also try a mix of the two beers.

Czech pub is a pleasant pastime!

Everyone knows that pub it’s not just a place for friendly meetings, to watch TV sports broadcasts over a beer, but also a great way to eat, relax and chat.

In the Czech pub Kozlovica offers a varied menu that includes the most popular dishes of Czech cuisine. We provide you the opportunity to taste the famous beer sausages, delicious steaks, marinated cheeses and other snacks, as well as a variety of specialty salads and bitters, traditionally supplied to the delicious dark or light beer Velkopopovicky Kozel, which is the chief lawmaker «beer fashion» in Czech pub Kozlovica.

Attractive interior, cozy nooks for gay companies and privacy, reasonable prices, awesome portions of appetizers and main dishes, friendly and fast service — all this in order to each of our visitors feel truly welcome.

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