In 1874, not far from Prague, Czech cozy village Velke Popovice, the brewery was built using the most advanced technology for the time. So there were two beers Velkopopovicky Kozel — dark and light. Light Kozel with a pleasant slightly bitter and persistent lush lather and Dark — mild flavor, ruby color and delicate flavor of caramel malt.

Residents of villages were often at odds, what beer tastes better. One day in a fit of dispute it came to the «pivoprolitiya.» Dark and Light are combined, and the discovery happened beer! So a mix of both tradition «swine» to get a new taste of your favorite beer.

Try the original taste of the mixed beer Velkopopovicky Kozel in our restaurant.

Velke Popovice village

The current village of Velke Popovice ten kilometers from Prague, has an ancient history. Once upon a time there was a Celtic settlement, then — a rich medieval town, founded in the XIV century. The name «Popovice» he got because he was in possession of the Benedictine monks of the monastery.


It is possible that it stayed in this hotel for the night a French artist who painted the image goat carrying a large mug of beer. This logo is the official mark Brewer.


The first brewery was built by monks in 1727. In 1870, fairly dilapidated brewery bought the entrepreneur, the owner of the industrial factories, Baron František Ringhoffer. Under his production has been modernized: it was purchased new equipment, and most importantly — led geologists were dug as many as 13 wells with a unique water.

In 1904, it took again to expand production. Now the plant could produce about 90,000 hectoliters of beer per year. Before the war, production was virtually phased out, but after the war resumed. In 1945, Brewer became a national enterprise, ie was nationalized. 12 wells with a unique water supply plant continues to this day.


Last modernization of the plant has already occurred in the 90th years of XX century. Now, it is equipped with the latest technology. 10% of production Velkopopovitsky Goat is exported — mainly to Slovakia, Russia, Finland and Sweden. At the World Beer Championships in Chicago (USA) Kozel several years been awarded the gold medal in the category of light varieties. In 2004, the brewery celebrated its 130th anniversary.


Czechs when they meet, to socialize, you usually go to the pub. So often you can hear from them: Well, let’s go for a beer today?. For them, such a campaign at the same time — talk about everything with friends, rest for the soul, good humor and delicious meal.

So historically that the Czech Republic has become a legislator «beer fashion.» Most beer snacks and meals, drink a beer in the world, served in the restaurants of Prague 100-150 years ago. Flavor base of many Czech dishes and now remains the same as many years ago and is still the best source of inspiration for the brand chefs.

We have tried to include in our menu the best dishes of modern and traditional Czech cuisine, which perfectly match with pouring dark and light beer Velkopopovicky Kozel.

Josef Cupr
Brand executive chef Kozlovica

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